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Month: December 2018

This is not a story of overcoming more; it is the story of two of our runners who became two dear friends.

This is the story of a couple in love, and how, and without wanting to, to start running to improve the health of Ismael, led to change the life of Mari Carmen.

Do not stop reading this beautiful post, and do not stop watching his two videos. They are special!

Here the words of Ismael:

Running to lose weight or lose weight to run

It was a day in July, I had just left to work on a night shift, and I did not want to sleep, so to take advantage of the day I decided to go for a walk. I sat on the side of the sofa and bent down to tie my shoelaces.

At that precise moment, I decided that the moment had arrived … I did not reach the foot; I could not do the lacing because it did not succeed. I had to put on my side and sweat like I was in the middle of a square in August with more than 40 degrees.

I sent a message to Mari Carmen to tell her that I was going to look for someone to help me lose weight. The first thing I found was a famous nutrition company that offered its services. I entered a small room where they weighed me: 137 kilos. I still remember the surprised face of family and friends when I told them where I had arrived. Nobody, not even myself, though it would weigh so much.

After several months, in October I already weighed 112 kilos. They were not easy months, but I learned a lot about how to feed and maintain myself even though at two years old I went back to the old ways again: 124 kilos. Then I realized that you could not base everything on diet and eating habits.

Running to lose weight

Running to lose weight is one of the best exercises one can do. We all know how to run, it’s cheap, and you can start from the door of your house, without paying fees or large expenses on a material.

I searched the internet for a plan to start running, there are lots of them, but I found one that I thought fit my physical condition at that moment and promised that in a short time I would be running 40 minutes in a row. I have to acknowledge my initial skepticism at that point.

The first 3 minutes I ran were an ordeal, only 3 minutes that were eternal. Do you remember the last rhinoceros that came out in the rout of the original Jumanji movie? Well, I was the same. For my luck, there were three series of 8 minutes walking and three running. In the second one I felt much better, and in the last one, I was proud of what I had just done.

Do not believe that this feeling left me during the process; every small achievement was a triumph. The first 15, 20, 30 minutes without stopping were satisfactions that motivated me to continue.

One day Mari Carmen got tired of walking behind me as she went through the process. He always supports me in the things that occur to me, and this time I would not be different. Soon it was already close to me, and it was when our life began to change.

We are unconscious, we must recognize it. We had already run a couple of races of 10 kilometers, and the maximum distance we had reached was 15. A friend told us that in the half marathon of our city they gave T-shirts of a brand that we liked and in this way we lived the atmosphere of a Great race. We decided that in the 15 we retired.

What do you think we did?

Well, at kilometer 10 I told Mari Carmen to leave, but I did not. A lady insisted that I finished and went to kilometer 17 telling me that I could, that I was not discouraged, that it was my first and that I could not keep that memory. He finally gave me his hat and threatened to find me on the list of people who had finished and that I could not give him that disgust.

We arrived at the goal. As we did not have a plan after finishing, since we thought we were not going to do it, it took us almost 30 minutes to find us. Mari Carmen scared thinking I was lying around and I was in an empty stadium without knowing what to do. We took 2:30 and 2:58 respectively, an adventure.

My kilos for those who need them

I have stuck at 122 kilos again; there was no way to lose that weight. I wanted to lose weight again, I knew how to do it, but I wanted to have a particular motivation. We have a travel blog ( Cuentaviajes.com ), and I launched a proposal called My kilos for those who need it.

It consisted in that for each kilo that I lost I donated another food to the food bank, and I wanted to involve more people so that the donation was more significant and I convinced several friends to bet with me. I told them I was going to lose 25 kilos in one year. If he did not forget them, he would donate twice as much as they proposed, and half as much.

I lost 25 kilos and ended up donating 230 kilograms of food to the Food Bank.

Learn to run

We had been running for a couple of years on our own, and we realized that we needed to take another step. We had already run two half marathons, but we did not improve, we trained as we pleased when we wanted and pulling plans that we were looking for on the internet.

With our first coach, we leaped quality. We learned about rhythms and career techniques and especially what commitment means in structured training.

We used to train on an athletics track, and our classmates were opposed to firefighters. There came a time when we were the oddballs because on weekends we ran long runs and we did not do the same types of series or the same rhythms. Mari Carmen ran her best half marathon thanks to this training, but for me it was very harmful, dragging more than 100 kilos for the tartan was hard work for my joints and hamstrings, and I spent more time injured than training.

After the return of vacation we decided that we would not return to the garnet oval.

The adventure of a marathon

We were on vacation, and I get a call. My neighbor asked me if we wanted to make an announcement, but it would be a surprise for Mari Carmen, and she had to remain a secret.

Without knowing anything and for two months we were running trying that without realizing it we will increase the runs, some change of pace, etc … While I recorded my part of the ad, I collected photos, implied family and colleagues of their work so that I noticed nothing.