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All One Needs to Know About Supermarkets

Prior to the invention of supermarkets trading of goods was carried out in a highly labour-intensive setting. Back in those days when the self-service shops were non-existent, products were all kept in shelves and the shopkeeper would appoint assistants to fetch the items wanted by the customers. These products did not come in a packet in predetermined quantity rather the assistant was required to measure the quantity as requested by the customer and do the packing himself. While this was being done customers would wait and more customer would queue up. This was an inefficient method of shopping groceries as it consumed a lot of time despite calling shopping a ‘social occasion’ when customers get to mingle with other customers during the long process of waiting.

Apart from it being wastage of time, the number of customers being attended at a time is limited by the number of the assistants appointed by the Officeworks shopkeepers. In order to sell more at a time and to meet the growing demands of more customer’s shopkeepers put more staff at work making it labor intensive. When a customer sets out for shopping he doesn’t find all the required items at one place instead he has to stop by a number of specialized shops to buy all the varied items on his list. For instance, to buy fish one has to go to the fishmongers, to buy meet one has to go to the butchers, the milk is delivered by the milkman. Likewise, all other products are found in their respective shops.


The very concept of pick quick stores was introduced to bring all the goods regularly demanded by customers at one place and give the customers an opportunity to serve one. Supermarkets occupy a large amount of space which is needed to fit in a large collection of varied products under single roof. One of the qualities of supermarkets is that they are located in residential area or at a center of a place where customers can conveniently reach. Moreover, supermarkets are the shops with usually flexible shop open hours which can also extend to 24 hours a day. The infrastructure of a supermarket is usually such that it has enough space allocated as parking lot, mostly underground, where customers can park their vehicles.

Among all innumerable benefits low-priced products attracts customers the most to these grocery stores. The secret of selling low-priced priced goods lies behind economies of scale of these supermarkets. Usually, hypermarkets are chain stores and the goods are supplied by the distribution centers of parent company. The supermarkets directly buy the goods from their manufacturer at lower prices due to bulk purchase and their buying power. This is something smaller stores cannot afford to do. Supermarkets find strategic methods to cut financial costs which again smaller stores cannot always do. The supermarkets can also afford to enhance customer satisfaction by putting staffs that can be there for customers to clarify doubts or to get a product down the aisle.

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