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Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Not Use E-Cigarettes

Smoking is one of the vices of humanity that has been done for ages, and now E-cigarettes are here to revolutionize that industry. First invented as a device to help in deaddiction among seasoned tobacco smokers, it has slowly garnered popularity among the youth and has become an epidemic unto itself. With less nicotine and no tobacco, it is a less harmful smoking device than the traditional tobacco-rolled cigarettes. While most believe it completely damage-free, e-cigarettes come with their own baggage. As they say, there is no such thing as free lunch. So here we have listed some of the severe disadvantages of using these electronic pipes of death.

toxic smoke

  1. E-liquid chemicals

While it is true that when you buy nicotine liquid online, the nicotine level in the e-cigarette liquids is low with no tobacco at all, there are however other chemicals that might prove harmful to the human body. Some of these chemicals are known to cause lung inflammations in a small number of test subjects. Moreover, the content of this liquid remains largely unregulated and thus are not entirely safe. Further, the chemicals may react with the outer metal body of the pipe and release even more harmful products that affect our body adversely.

  1. Presence of Heavy Metals

It is a common fact that Lead is a poisonous metal that is known to cause damage to the human body. We even ensure that the paint in our house is not lead-based, i.e. not toxic. Now how would you feel if you realize that your e-cigarette contains that same element? Scary, right? The E-liquid is known to contain 3 of such harmful heavy metals like Cadmium and Nickel along with Lead. These substances can cause damage to a lot of our internal organs such as lungs, liver, and kidney.

  1. Environmental Damage

The environmental impact of disused e-cigarettes is a huge problem in the current scenario. Our planet is already at a precarious stage because of the billions of trash that we create. Add to this the added toxic components of vape, and the result is catastrophic. When unused E-cigarettes are thrown away, the nicotine and heavy metals present in them become toxic waste. The batteries of these devices are extremely pollutive for both land and water. The lead that it contains is an added threat as it may leach into the ground and water and result in toxic pollution.

E-cigarettes have become an element of a luxurious lifestyle, and many often fail to understand the toxicity and pollution that it leaves upon its wake. Even though it is better than cigarettes, it is still a form of poison that harms both your body and the environment. The thousands of flavor that it comes in cannot remove the fact that it slowly corrodes your lungs and reduces the number of days in your life. The batteries that it uses threaten to cause long-lasting and toxic damage to our land and water when it is discarded.

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